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General Terms of Service

By subscribing ANY of our services, whether these are charged or provided free, you agree with the following terms and conditions:

1. Data Protection

  • All the data provided by you at registration time or during the course of the relationship with us is to be kept safe under strict security measures and shall not be used or disclosed to others under any circunstance other than one mandated by law.

  • By registering with us you agree that we may occasionally send you new service announcements or important updates strictly related to the business. We shall neither in any case send you non service related emails, nor shall we ever give your email address to third parties.

  • The information provided by you at registration is purely for identification purposes. You are required to provide us and maintain correct information concerning yourself, and how to contact you; providing false information (false name, email address, etc...) is considered just cause for termination of service without prior notice.

2. Content Ownership and Responsability

  • DHIS provides the technical means that allow you to have a DNS hostname under dhis.org pointing to an IP address and nothing else. DHIS does not host web pages or email accounts for its users.

  • You are totally, entirely and exclusively responsbile for the contents of your client device that are made available using a dynamic DNS name. DHIS only provides you with a DNS name and can never be held responsible for what its users put on their own devices identified by this name.

  • You cannot use DHIS servers nor DHIS host names (even if the mail server runs on your computer) for sending SPAM or sending unsolicited mails to others in bulk, since this compromises the entire dhis.org domain or harware resources, its users and their capability of sending legitimate emails.

  • In particular you CANNOT use DHIS names nor servers to host contents of the following natures:

      Child pornography, traffic or promotion of illegal drugs, terrorism, theft, fraud, illegal and unauthorised entry in IT systems of others, hacking and cracking, denial of service attacks, sending or processing SPAM mail, copyright infringement, illegal video / audio / multimedia and software copyrighted distribution, and any other activities that are considered illegal under German law.

  • Breaking any of these rules is considered just cause for immediate termination of service without notice and, if justified or required, passing of all information available to the authorities for prossecution.

  • DHIS will work in conjunction with the authorities when requested to do so by a court of law, in order to prevent or fight crime, should its resources be illegally used for it. This is the only situation where we may pass on your personal information to others.

3. Service Level and Support

  • DHIS is provided as a best-effort service and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER. You may use it at your own risk but may not, under any circunstances, hold us responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may be caused from its use.

  • There is no guarentted level of service of any kind. Support is provided on a best effort, voluntary basis.

  • Should you still wish to use DHIS, you might be pleased to know that traditionally DHIS has had an overall availability above 99% and that we tend to reply to support requests within 24 hours.

4. DHIS Software

  • The DHIS software is provided free, as is, without any implied warranty under a BSD style license. You may use it and modify it at your own choice and risk provided that the acknowledgments are kept. Even though the software is believed not to be of any harm or have any hidden features, under no circumstances can DHIS or its providers be liable for misuse or damage that may occur from using it.

These terms and conditions were last updated on the 5th of July, 2011, and this document has the version number 3.1. Changes to this document will be reflected by a sequentially increasing version number.