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DHIS donations are now compulsory for anyone wishing to register for a web account and hence, be able to create up to 3 DHIS hostnames.

Donations serve two purposes: to help us and encourage us to keep the DHIS service running by contributing towards the expenses of keeping its server running on the Internet, and to prove (or attempt to prove) you are who you say you are and hence, reducing the level of abuse.

After registering, your account will be created and locked. You are then required to make a donation to the DHIS project by sending a payment of $5.00 USD using Paypal. In order to do this please click on the button below.

Once a donation has been received a member of staff will analyse your registration, will unlock it manually, and will notify you, after which you will be able to login and create DHIS hosts. Please use either the same email address for sending the payment and registering, or tell us about your donation by email to support @ dhis.org , just so that we can co-relate your donation and your account.

Since manual intervention is required please allow 1-2 days for processing. You are also required to provide valid and real information on registration and to make legal and fair use of your DHIS hostnames.

A donation does not guarantee that you will get a service forever; it simply encourages us to keep going. We may, at any time, decide to shut down the service, or to remove your account if we find it breaks our usage policy.