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Welcome to DHIS

DHIS is a client-server based system architecture primarily meant for updating DNS for hosts that have dynamic IP addresses. With DHIS you can have your computer always recognised and available on the Internet with the same unique name, even if its IP address changes frequently.

We provide hostnames under the dhis.org domain and suppport both IPv4 and IPv6 dynamic DNS hosts.

Latest 2021-02-27 update: New Server Addresses

The update server IP addresses changed; if you use DNS names (as you should) you can continue to use is.dhis.org for v4/v6 updates, and now is4.dhis.org for IPv4 updates and is6.dhis.org for IPv6 updates. If you use hardcoded addresses please update these to or 2a02:2770:7:0:21a:4aff:fe54:702a respectively.

Latest 2020-04/22 update: Secure SSL Web Updates

HTTPS web updates are now possible; see Updating for more info or just add /update/ to your update link and replace http:// by https://

Register and get online with yourhostname.dhis.org now in 4 simple steps: